5 Things to Know About the iOS 15.7.5 Update (2023)

Apple’s pushed a new iOS 15.7.5 update and the software brings important changes to iPhone models stuck on the aging operating system.

iOS 15.7.5 is compatible with older iPhone models that didn’t make the move to iOS 16. The list includes the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

The iOS 15.7.5 update is a point upgrade and it patches up security issues. It doesn’t have any known bug fixes or features on board. That being said, it’s an extremely important upgrade.

With that in mind, we want to take you through everything you need to know about Apple’s latest and greatest iOS 15 update for iPhone.

In this guide we’ll take you through iOS 15.7.5’s changes, the software’s performance, iOS 15.7.5 problems, the iOS 15.7.5 jailbreak status, and more. We’ll start with early thoughts on iOS 15.7.5’s performance.

iOS 15.7.5 Review

The size of the iOS 15.7.5 download depends on your iPhone model and the version of iOS it’s currently running. If your iPhone’s running an older version of iOS, you may see a large download because your device’s version of iOS 15.7.5 update brings changes from any updates you skipped.

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The iOS 15.7.5 installation process should take 10 minutes or less to complete. It took just about eight minutes to install on an iPhone 7.

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We’ve been using iOS 15.7.5 on an iPhone 7 for a very short time and here’s what we’ve learned about the software’s performance thus far.


  • Battery life is stable right now.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is fast and reliable.
  • Bluetooth is working normally.
  • GPS and cellular data are also stable.

App Performance

  • Third-party apps including Netflix, Twitter, Slack, Asana, Gmail, Chrome, and Spotify are working fine at the moment.
  • First party apps like Safari and Podcasts are also working properly.


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  • iOS 15.7.5 feels just as fast as iOS 15.7.4 and we haven’t run into any major UI lag yet.

If your iPhone’s been plagued by bugs and/or performance issues on iOS 15.7.4 or an older version of iOS 15, you might want to install the software on your iPhone today.

If you need help making a decision, check out our reasons to, and not to, install the iOS 15.7.5 update on your iPhone right now.

iOS 15.7.5 Problems

The iOS 15.7.5 update is already causing problems for some iPhone users. Some of these problems are brand new, others have carried over from older versions of iOS 15.

The current list of iOS 15.7.5 problems includes abnormal battery drain, Wi-Fi problems, Bluetooth issues, issues with Touch ID, and problems with various first and third-party apps.

If you run into a problem on iOS 15.7.5, have a look at our list of fixes for the most common iOS 15 problems. We’ve also released some tips that could help you improve your phone’s performance and some tips that could help you fix bad iOS 15 battery life.

Apple’s currently signing on iOS 15.7.4 which means you can move your iPhone’s software back to the previous version if iOS 15.7.5 causes problems on your device. You can’t downgrade to anything older than iOS 15.7.4.

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Keep this in mind if you’re having a good experience on iOS 15.7.3 or older. Once you make the move to iOS 15.7.5, you won’t be able to get back.

For more about the downgrade process, check out our guide.

iOS 15.7.5 Features

Apple has stopped releasing new features for iOS 15 and the company’s most recent versions of iOS 15 have focused on patching up security issues. iOS 15.7.5’s no different than its predecessors.

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The official change log notes that the update brings important security fixes to iPhone users and you can learn more about those over on Apple’s security site.

iOS 15.7.5 Jailbreak

Developers have released a jailbreak tool that’s compatible with iOS 15 and iOS 16, but it only works with select iPhone models.

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The palera1n jailbreak is based on checkm8 and it works with all versions of iOS between iOS 15.0 and iOS 16.2. Currently, it only works with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

What’s Next

It’s unclear if iOS 15.7.5 will be Apple’s final version of iOS 15. Apple could choose to push additional versions of iOS 15 later this year, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Apple won’t push additional iOS 15 upgrades to iPhone 8 and newer going forward. That being said, we could still see new iOS 15 software for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE.

The company’s released its new iOS 16 operating system and the software is currently available to download right now if you own a compatible iPhone.

For more about the latest version of iOS 16, take a look at our guide.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 15.7.5 & 11 Reasons You Should

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Install iOS 15.7.5 for Better Security


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If security is important to you, you'll want to think about installing Apple's iOS 15.7.5 update right away.

The iOS 15.7.5 update patches up actively exploited vulnerabilities making it an extremely important upgrade for your iPhone.

These patches are essential if you want to keep your device and its data safe from harm. For more details, check out Apple's guide.

As for older updates, iOS 15.7.4 brought important security fixes to older iPhone models as well. If you want to learn more about these changes, check out Apple's guide.

iOS 15.7.3 also brought a batch of security patches to iPhone. You can learn more about these changes right here.

iOS 15.7.2 brought numerous patches along with it. For more about them, head over to Apple's website for more details.

iOS 15.7.1 update brought 17 security patches with it while iOS 15.7 delivered 11 security patches to iPhone. If you want a look at the details, head over to Apple's security site for more information.

If you missed iOS 15.6.1, it had two security patches on board. You can read more about the pair on Apple's website.

If you missed Apple's iOS 15.6 update, it had 30+ security upgrades on board. You can learn more about them right here.

If you missed iOS 15.5 it brought 27 new security patches to the iPhone. You can learn more about these patches over on Apple's security site.

If you missed iOS 15.4.1, it had one new security patch on board. You can read more about it over on Apple's website.

If you missed the iOS 15.4 update, it had a whopping 36 new security patches on board. If you want to learn more about these patches, head on over to Apple's security site for the particulars.

If you missed iOS 15.3.1, it had one security patch on board. For more about it, head over to Apple's security page.

If you missed iOS 15.3, you'll also get its patches with your upgrade. iOS 15.3 brought 10 new security patches to iPhone users. If you're interested in the details, you can read more about them right here.

If you missed iOS 15.2.1, you'll get its security patch with your upgrade. You can learn more about the change over on Apple's website.

If you missed Apple's iOS 15.2 update, you'll get its 30+ security patches with your upgrade. You can read all about them over on the company's security site.

iOS 15.2 also included some important upgrades to privacy. The software brought the company's App Privacy Report to Settings. This lets you see how often your apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts and more during the last seven days. You can also see their network activity.

In addition, iOS 15.2 brought Apple's communication safety features for kids. You'll find these features in the Messages app, in Siri, in Spotlight, and in Search.

If you missed iOS 15.1, iOS 15.7.5 will bring its security patches to your iPhone. You can read more about them on Apple's website.

If you missed iOS 15.0.2 you'll also get its security patch with your upgrade. You can learn more about it right here.

iOS 15.0 also brought numerous security patches to your iPhone. If you'll be moving up from iOS 14 and you're interested in the exact nature of these improvements, you can read about them over on Apple's security website.

Apple's updated its website with new information about iOS 15's batch of security patches. The company now says the software patched up an issue that could have exposed a user's private Apple ID information and in-app search history. It also says iOS 15 patched up an issue that allowed apps to override Privacy preferences.

If you skipped iOS 14.8 or any older versions of iOS, you'll get the security patches from those updates with your iOS 15.7.5 update as well.

In addition to those patches, iOS 15 comes with some security and privacy upgrades including improvements to Siri. Requests made to Siri are now processed on the device itself using Neural Engine. This makes it more secure.

If you're an Apple Card user, you'll now get a security code that changes regularly to use when you make online transactions.

Apple's also included a built-in authenticator that's similar to Google Authenticator. This will let you generate verification codes for enhanced sign-in security under your Passwords.

There's also a Mail feature that hides your IP address.

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