Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (2023)

This page covers all methods to install Jailbreak features for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 and iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 running iPhone and iPad Devices.

Dopamine Jailbreak

The dopamine jailbreak was released for iOS 15.4.1 to 15 A12-15 and M1 devices. The dopamine jailbreak also supports iOS 15.3.1 -15.3 versions.
The Dopamine jailbreak is a semi-tethered jailbreak and renamed version of fugu15 Max.
Sileo and Zebra package managers are the default package managers for the dopamine jailbreak and users can choose the compatible package manager before completing the jailbreak process.
The Dopamine jailbreak can install through the Trollstore method and tap the below link to install the Dopamine jailbreak tool.

Install Dopamine jailbreak

Palear1n Jailbreak

The Palear1n jailbreak is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool for iOS 15.3.1 / 15.3. From the Palear1n jailbreak process,15.3.1 - 15.3 users can install the sileo package manager.
The Palear1n semi-tethered jailbreak tool is only for iOS 15.3.1 - 15.3 and runs A9 to A11 devices. If you have any other device, you can use Palear1n virtual tool to install sileo.

Install Palear1n Jailbreak

TrollStore for iOS 15.3.1 - 15.3 Jailbreak.

TrollStore semi-jailbreak method now supports iOS 15.3.1 to 15.3 jailbreak. With the TrollStore, iOS 15.3.1 to 15.3 running iPhone and iPad users can install the most popular jailbreak features like badge color change / theme change/control center change.
TrollStore and TrollStore support IPA can install directly from the Zeon Application.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (1)

Install Zeon

Ra1nCloud Jailbreak

Ra1nCloud jailbreak is still only for the developers. From the Ra1nCloud jailbreak, you can enable the SSH server on A12+ running 15 to 15.4.1.
The Ra1nCloud jailbreak works with iPhone XS – iPhone 13.
The Ra1nCloud jailbreak developed from the Fugu15 exploit. Still, Ra1nCloud jailbreak does not support tweak injection.
The Ra1nCloud jailbreak is an IPA-based jailbreak tool and you can use the TrollStore method to sideload the Ra1nCloud jailbreak IPA.
Sileo is the default app manager for the Ra1nCloud jailbreak.

Checkra1n Virtual for iOS/iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

iOS and iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 users now can install Checkra1n virtual version to install Cydia. The Checkra1n virtual tool supports every iOS and iPadOS version running 15.3 / 15.3.1.
For the install Checkra1n iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Online tool, you must install Zeon App manager and then should install the Zeon Repo Extractor.
Then go to Get Repos option and copy the Checkra1n Repo link and then extract.

Unc0ver virtual for iOS / iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

iOS and iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 users now can install Cydia from the Unc0ver virtual tool. The Unc0ver virtual tool is an online application and you no need to use Sidelodly or AltStote applications to sideload it.
To install Unc0ver virtual, 15.3 / 15.3.1 users should install the Zeon third-party application manager and then should install the Zeon Repo Extractor tool.
Then copy the Unc0ver virtual Repo URL and extract it.

Install Zeon

Cheyote jailbreak iOS 15.3.1 to iOS 15.3

Cheyote is also an upcoming jailbreak tool for iOS 15 jailbreak. Coolstar is the developer of the cheyote jailbreak tool.
Cheyote jailbreak tool only supports iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 versions.

Blizzard Jailbreak iOS 15.3.1 - iOS 15.3

Blizzard jailbreak also demonstrated iOS 15 to iOS 16.0.2 jailbreak. Users chan choose best app store from the cydia,sileo and zebra after complete the jailbreak process.
Blizzard jailbreak is semi-tethered jailbreak method. Once Blizzard jailbreak release, we will notify through our Blizzard jailbreak page.

Sideloadly for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

Sideloadly Cydia impactor alternative now supports iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Devices and iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Devices for sideloading IPA files.

Download Sideloadly

Sideloadly Online tool for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

The unknown jailbreak tool developers a method to use the Sideloadly online version. According to the Sideloadly online tool website, this method supports the above iOS 15.2 version.
You can install the Sideloadly online tool from the below.

AltStore for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

AltStore is one of the popular methods to install Jailbreak IPA files after the sideloadly application.
Currently, AltStore supports both Windows and macOS operating systems for sideloading iPhone Software Applications.

Install AltStore

Sideload IPA files without PC

For the sideloadly process, you must have Mac or Windows PC. But still, you can sideload IPA files without a computer from the below method.

Install through Air ( installonair website ) Method

This is the easiest method to sideload IPA files without PC.

  • First Download IPA files from here.
  • Now go to installonair website from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now choose IPA file.
  • Tap Submit
  • Now installonair website will generate a shared link
  • Now copy the link and paste it on Mobile Safari or Tap the install button

TuTuBox for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

Based on our 15.3 / 15.3.1 Jailbreak research, TuTuBox is the best third-party application manager for iOS and iPadOS Devices.
Currently, TuTuBox supports every iOS and iPadOS Devices running 15.3 / 15.3.1. Once install TuTuBox from the below link, you can install popular Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps for 15.3 / 15.3.1 Devices.
Make sure to open this page from Mobile Safari to install TuTuBox.

Install TuTuBox

Change Home Screen Icons ( No Jailbreak )

iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 and iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 users now can change and replace home screen icons without jailbreaking their Devices with the Silzee Theme Board method.
Silzee Theme Board is based on the Apple Siri automation scripting method.
Once you get Silzee Theme Board, you can get more than 500 Icons for free.

Get Silzee Theme Board Icons

Install Cydia Themes from Apple Store

iOS and iPadOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 users now can install Cydia Themes from Apple Store directly. Apple can block this method anytime once they identified it. But still, this method is available for iPhone and iPad users.
From below two Apple store applications, you can install Cydia Themes

SnowB0ard alternative for iOS 15.3.1 / 15.3

BlizzardBoard is a newly released method to install themes for iOS 15 to iOS 15.5. Must install Trollstore app to install BlizzardBoard sn0wboard alternative.

Install BlizzardBoard

Change iPhone / iPad Dock Without Cydia

Cydia is not the only way to change your Home Screen dock or Lock Screen icons. The heyeased ( Japan Website ) released a new method to change Home Screen Dock and Lock Screen icons without using Cydia.
This is totally image-based method and anyone can use this method without any previous experience.
Open the website below from your iPhone or iPad Device and follow the instructions.

Add Custom Text to Lock Screen - Without Jailbreak

Famous Jailbreak YouTuber and Tweak Developer Alf Saunders posted a video and showing how to add custom text to Lock Screen without Jailbreaking and Without Cydia.
According to his tweet and Video, this method only supports iOS 15 and below versions and he has not tested on the latest versions.
You can check this method from the below video.

Best Tweak App Stores for 15.3 / 15.3.1

Tweak app stores are another way to install Jailbreak Tweaks / Apps / Themes for iPhone and iPad Devices.
At this time, you can install several tweak app stores from the internet. But some Applications are outdated.
So we listed the most popular Tweak app stores for your 15.3 / 15.3.1 Devices.

Tweak App Stores for 15.3 / 15.3.1

Setting Hacks for 15.3 / 15.3.1

As you know, you cannot change Apple default actions without Jailbreaking your Devices.
But Silzee changed it.
Now you can change the default actions without Jailbreaking your Devices.
For example - You can hide Camera Application / Hide Screen Shot Mode / Hide Video capture / Block Siri / Popup blocks and many more actions.

Get Setting Hacks

FilzaEscaped File Manager for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

FilzaEscaped File manager Tweak Developer Bas vT published a Tweet and hinted FilzaEscaped for iOS 15 version.
According to his tweet, he is now working to release the FilzaEscaped iOS 15 version. So this is huge news for iOS 15 Jailbreak.
Here is the Bas vT Tweet message about FilzaEscaped iOS 15.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (2)

iOS 15.3 keychain extracted to Full file system - Jailbreak possible

Mobile & cloud forensics service ElcomSoft recently posted, they successfully extracted a keychain system to access the full file system running iOS 15.3 iPhone 7 Device.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (3)

iOS kernel arbitrary code execution in IOMobileFrameBuffer

Another famous security researcher Meysam Firouzi recently found iOS kernel arbitrary code execution in the IOMobileFrameBuffer bug.
But he reported this bug to Apple and surely will be fixed from iOS 15.4 updates.
But still iOS 15.3 Jailbreak possible with this bug.
Read iOS 15.3 and iPadOS 15.3 security content from here.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (4)

Apple Bug Bounty program and 15.3 / 15.3.1 Jailbreak

In 2019 Apple released a bug bounty program for the public and rewards more than 1 million dollars for discoveries of iOS / iPadOS / tvOS operating system.
Here are the payouts for major discoveries.
With this program, Apple targets to discourage Jailbreak developers. Also some of the famous Jailbreak developers now working for the Apple bug bounty program and gets huge rewards

Scam Checkra1n tool supports iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Jailbreak

When you search iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Jailbreak on Google, you will find the Checkra1n ( Fake ) website for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Jailbreak.
This site is very similar to Checkra1n official Website. They gave Checkra1n Online tool as the first download option.
Official Checkra1n tool still only supports macOS and even does not support for Windows operating system.
When you click Checkra1n Online ( Without PC ) link, you will redirect to the Mobileconfig install process.
This Mobileconfig app does nothing and asks to download apps from the Apple store for the complete full jailbreak process, at the end you only wasted time.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (5)

Scam Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

When you search Jailbreak for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 on the Reddit website, you can find several posts. Here is the most famous Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 that was published on the Reddit site.
Once you click on the Unc0ver 15.3 / 15.3.1 Jailbreak link, only download the mobile configuration file. This is the most common scam and you will get nothing once complete all processes.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 - Dopamine Jailbreak released (6)

Here is the Unc0ver 15.3 Reddit scam post link -

App Hacks.co for iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1

App Hacks.co is the most famous Survey Scam for iOS Jailbreak. Even App Hacks.co Cydia supports iOS 15.3 / 15.3.1 Cydia install.
We highly recommended not to visit or install Cydia from App Hacks.co website. If you want to visit App Hacks.co website, you can visit from here.

Stay on iOS 15.3 and do not update to 15.3.1

Apple released iOS 15.3 version without releasing any Beta versions. With the 15.3.1 release, Apple wants to block ElcomSoft’s ROOT File System Successfully Extracted method and prevent iOS 15.3 Jailbreak.
So if you have any idea to install Cydia for iOS 15.3 version, we do not recommend upgrading to the 15.3.1 version.
Here is what GeoSn0w says about 15.3 Jailbreak


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