Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (2023)

A free photo resizing software can make any automated or personalized changes to dimensions without reducing image quality. Such programs can be required for simple tasks like cropping images to social media formats or arranging an ad for your storefront. They are very simple in use, normally, so even inexperienced users can do the job quickly.

  1. Adobe Express - Automated resizing for social networks
  2. Social Image Resizer Tool - Great for social media
  3. Promo Image Resizer - For resizing pictures in a few clicks
  4. Photo Resizer - Sharpen option
  5. BeFunky - No registration
  6. Simple Image Resizer - Great for beginners
  7. Online Image Resize - Resizes multiple images
  8. Biteable - With regular sizes
  9. ResizePic - Previews a resized image
  10. Picasion - Quality options
  11. iLoveIMG - Support SVG format
  12. Bulk Resize Photos - Exports files in WEBP format
  13. Web Resizer - Several editing options

The selection of good software options was carried out mainly by their ability to resize images quickly and with ease. The programs with a tidy and intuitive interface that contained a few other crucial features were chosen. You can make some important alterations to an image and then change its size and even format to make sure it is optimized for the kind of use you intend.

1. Adobe Express - Our Choice

Automated resizing for social networks

  • Adjustable settings
  • Speedy resizing
  • No distracting ads
  • Well-thought-out UI
  • None

Verdict: Adobe Express is a popular web-based service that allows you to quickly change the size of your pictures to optimize them for social media use or prepare them for printing. The key advantage of this resizer is that it automatically selects the best size for YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, or Facebook cover pics.

You need to indicate where you want to post your photo. Using this tool, you can automatically crop your image to the required size. It enables users to change the size of screenshots and optimize high-resolution pics before uploading them on a site.

This service allows you to select any of the most widely-used photo sizes to get a passport photo in a few clicks. Thanks to it, you can also crop your pictures, print them, and frame them without worrying about dimensions.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (2)

2. Social Image Resizer Tool

Great for social media

  • Pre-made templates
  • Numerous output formats
  • Manual cropping allowed
  • Files no bigger than 2 MB

Verdict: This is also a free image resizer software, and it is great for working on your social media appearance. You start with uploading a picture and then specify what exactly you want to do with it.

There are options for profile and cover images, thumbnails for videos and albums, and any other kind of art for a whole range of platforms. To benefit from these convenient features, you only need to make sure your images are not too heavy to be uploaded.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (4)

3. Promo Image Resizer

For resizing pictures in a few clicks

  • Perfect for social media managers
  • Ready-made templates
  • Drag-and-drop UI
  • Over 60 image sizes
  • No information about a privacy policy
(Video) The BEST Photo Resizing Software: Gigapixel AI Vs ON1 Resize AI

Verdict: Promo Image Resizer is a simple-to-use service with a drag-and-drop user interface, which allows you to quickly add a photo by dragging it to the designated area, indicating a file path or pasting a link. Then, you can quickly convert it to any size to upload it to LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat or YouTube. You can also resize images to send them by email, post them in your blog or on Google’s display network. This service supports such advertising formats as Large Rectangle and Leaderboard.

By using this service, you can quickly change the size of your image to upload it to social media. Once your image is ready, you can download it on your device. Before resizing an image, you can indicate whether you want to resize the whole photo or a part of it.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (6)

4. Photo Resizer

Sharpen option

  • Changes image sizes for social accounts
  • A few editing instruments
  • Quality improvement techniques
  • Can misbehave occasionally

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (7)

Photo Resizer

Verdict: This resizing photo software has some interesting creative capabilities along with those for shaping and improving an image. For instance, you can draw freely on an image or place simple geometric forms. One way of using this feature is to highlight an area you want to be noticed.

Alternatively, text can be used to guide users towards the content they seek. If your needs are even more basic, resizing for a particular internet platform takes only a couple of clicks. But you are unlikely to go away without introducing some minor improvements like sharpening an image, etc.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (8)

5. BeFunky

No registration

  • Allows doing proper creative work
  • Well-equipped with editing options
  • Full-screen mode
  • Certain instruments require a subscription

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (9)


Verdict: If you want to find a simple photo resizer, this program can be just that. BeFunky allows resizing images and giving them a light touch up. The former can be done by indicating the specific measurements you want to receive or the percentage by which you want the image to shrink.

The best free photo resizing software can be turned into a proper editing program with a reasonable fee. Then, various effects and more advanced tools will be opened for your unlimited use for as long as you are making the payments.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (10)

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6. Simple Image Resizer

Great for beginners

  • Various cropping methods
  • Single-click alterations
  • Conversion supported
  • No batch processing

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (11)

Simple Image Resizer

Verdict: Making size alterations in this program is exceptionally easy. Whether you prefer pixels or percentage, you will see both options present and you can enter any values into the corresponding windows.

Since this program also features among the free image converters, you can use it in this way as well. That sought-after JPG to PNG conversion will take a moment, and any other supported formats can be switched between. However, you need to make sure you enter changes to both dimensions correctly because proportions will not be automatically preserved.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (12)

7. Online Image Resize

Resize multiple images

  • Ease of use
  • Quality can be adjusted
  • Allows previewing
  • Very few functionscapabilities

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (13)

Online Image Resize

Verdict: When you need no other alterations except changing the size of your image, you could use the simplest resizing software available. In this program, this is the main option, and you can make size alterations between 16 and 1024 pixels by just dragging the slider.

You could alternatively crop the images instead of changing dimensions. Some other things like rotating or mirroring are also available so this makes a handy program. This bare minimum of functionality allows the program to process images lightning-fast and in batches as well as separately.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (14)

8. Biteable

With regular sizes

  • Simple to use
  • Works with custom sizes
  • Automatic image resizing for social media
  • Lacks advanced options

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (15)


(Video) How To Resize Images (Best FREE Online Tools) 2019

Verdict: Biteable is a popular tool for resizing pictures for all major social media and advertising formats. Select the focus point and export more than 50 formats in just one click without creating an account.

Your only task is to drag-n-drop a photo that you want to change. Then customize the sizes or choose preset ones. You can create a cover for a page on Facebook or a banner for YouTube by simply selecting the desired variant from the options offered in the program.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (16)

9. ResizePic

Previews the resized image

  • Crop, rotate or flip pictures
  • All materials are deleted within 1 hour
  • Make as many repeated alterations as needed
  • Crashes when processing a batch

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (17)


Verdict: Normally, people are interested in size reduction, and so in this program, increasing images is simply not possible. You can only feed it one image at a time to change width and height. A user needs to open an image and specify what changes should be made.

Apart from a selection of static image extensions, the program can also work with animation. Any changes can be viewed before the download. What’s nice about this service is that they remove all of your materials from their servers after 20 minutes have passed.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (18)

10. Picasion

Quality options

  • Basic editing instruments
  • Convenient export options
  • Manual and automated resize choices
  • No batch processing

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (19)


Verdict: Here is a neat picture resizing software for those who only need to use it occasionally to edit images for their web pages. The common size options are helpfully arranged as presets, but you can also do your own measurements.

Whether you prefer getting a link or using an HTML code for putting your output images up on the page, both options are provided. Alternatively, you can email it to anyone through a separate form.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (20)

11. iLoveIMG

(Video) Best free Image Resizing app for any Android smartphones or tablets.

Support SVG format

  • Batch processing
  • Integrates with Google Drive and DropBox
  • Supports many languages
  • Can’t enlarge images in percentage mode

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (21)


Verdict: Another neat solution for correcting the size of your images. It is an online service, and uploads can be made from local or cloud storage equally easily. Apart from the regular formats, some of the rarer ones are supported as well, for instance, SVG.

Bulk processing is really well-organized, and you have some helpful tools. For instance, if you have a bunch of assorted images, you can set them all to have particular dimensions so that some get cropped while others are stretched. Alternatively, you can adjust the settings to avoid editing the smaller images and preserve their quality.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (22)

12. Bulk Resize Photos

Exports files in WEBP format

  • Time preserving bulk processing
  • Translated into 24 languages
  • Neat and logical interface
  • No cloud storage integration

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (23)

Bulk Resize Photos

Verdict: Like the name clearly states, this program can perform simultaneous processing of a multitude of images. It is the most straightforward option you could get. No payments, not even an account is needed, and the online interface is very simple.

There is a number of ways you can trim images in this free picture resizing software, too. The most common are percentage and exact dimensions, but you can also limit width or height. For instance, landscape and portrait images can both have a width that’s equal to what you’ve indicated, which is very convenient for batch processing.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (24)

13. Web Resizer

Several editing options

  • Side-by-side preview
  • Recognizes JPEG, PNG, etc
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Changes need to be confirmed manually

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (25)

Web Resizer

Verdict: This convenient program can show you a preview before you save an image to your device. The upload is also simplified by several sorting options. You can arrange images by size or type, or simply select the content of an entire folder with a click.

(Video) BEST FREE Photo Editing Software for PC

The program automatically performs optimizing of everything you upload. Thanks to it, the web pages you then use the images for will load faster. To make changes, type in the desired dimensions and click on the “Apply” button. Every change you make will have to be confirmed before you can download an output file.

Top 13 Photo Resizing Software (26)


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